Marrs’ Go-To Eateries

Local Eats – Bravo’s Pizzeria, Faceless Samurai and Junior Colombian Burger

It’s definitely no secret that I LOVE food. What’s not to love? It’s delicious (most of the time) and brings joy. As a self-described foodie, I like to treat my taste buds and stomach to the occasional treat…ok I’m lying it’s more often than that hehe. After two years of living in Florida, these are the places that I keep coming back to. Bravo’s Pizzeria, Faceless Samurai and Junior Colombian Burger. Out of all the eateries in Florida, here are the top 3 places that hold my heart and my stomach.

Bravo’s Pizzeria – Safety Harbor

Being a New York Native, pizza has been a love of mine since birth. Growing up in the Bronx, we had some of the best pizza around. Slices were almost as big as me and were less than $2 a slice. Safe to say I take pizza pretty seriously. When I moved to Tampa I was certain I wouldn’t find a place that was as good as back home. Almost every pizzeria outside of New York states they have the coveted recipe, but it’s just a gimmick that I refuse to fall for. So when I was strolling through Safety Harbor one day and smelled the pizza at Bravo’s, I was a bit skeptical, but a girl was hungry and the slices were cheap so I gave it a go. From the outside it looked like a mom and pop pizza shop with no gimmicks or over the top claims. When I had their slice for the first time I was immediately transported back to my home state. It was crisp, cheesy with a perfect sauce to cheese ratio and you can buy BY THE SLICE! Whenever I’m craving pizza, this is the only place I go to.

Bravo’s Pizzeria is located at 100 Main Street in Safety Harbor. Give them a try and let me know what you think!

Faceless Samurai – Palm Harbor

My fiancé and I love Japanese cuisine. Like most people we are pretty picky with our sushi. Sometimes it can be hard to find a spot that is both delicious and affordable. We decided to give Faceless Samurai a try on a day we were too lazy to cook and we fell in love. The restaurant is quaint and everyone we’ve encountered has always been friendly. My absolute favorite thing on their menu is the Gyoza. It’s always cooked perfectly with a nice crisp outside and flavorful filling. Their dipping sauce is also top notch and really elevates the dish. There is some kick to the sauce which may be one reason I love it so much. Certified Spice Lord over here! Their sushi rolls are always fresh and are made on the spot. Everything we’ve tried here has been fantastic! They’ve become a go-to for me for a few reasons: great service, consistent product and it doesn’t break the bank.

Faceless Samurai is located at 3428 Tampa Road, Palm Harbor.

Junior Colombian Burger – Orlando

Technically this one isn’t located in Tampa BUT I’ve been a fan of theirs for about 7 years or so making it a certified go-to spot for me. I was first introduced to JCB back when I was working for Disney (DCP 2012, baby!). A few friends of mine had told me about the spot and how I had to check them out. The first week I tried them I had eaten there 3 times, lol. It’s that good! Another quaint spot that doesn’t look like much from outside, but let’s be honest, don’t the best food spots have this in common? The burgers come with lettuce, cheese, chips and a secret sauce. I’m a HUGE salty/sweet fan so this is right up my alley. The saltiness of the chips with sweetness of the secret sauce and a flavorful burger make my tastebuds bust out the Harlem Shake. I have not found another burger like it. It’s become a must have whenever we venture out to Orlando. They also have a sauce bar in the shop which is perfect for someone like me that is obsessed with sauces. Yass honey! Next time you’re in Orlando, swing on through and grab a single or a triple…live your best life!

Junior Colombian Burger is located at 5389 S Kirkman Road, Orlando.

There you have it, homies. My top 3 go-to eateries in Florida. What are some of your favorite places to eat? I love trying new spots so be sure to let me know!

Thanks for reading!

Day Dreamin’ at Daydreamers Cafe and Grill

Guys, it is official – I’m convinced Downtown Safety Harbor is the most under the radar town in Tampa. Some of the best food I’ve found lately has been here and while it does end up being conveniently close – trust me I’ve been scouring the city for the Crème De La Crème. Time and time again I find myself telling someone about my new favorite place in Safety Harbor. This week I discovered Daydreamers Cafe & Grill surprisingly located right next to my favorite coffee shop, Cafe Vino Tinto. (More on them here).

Daydreamers cafe is quite literally very dreamy. The colorful murals don the outer walls, there’s a beautiful garden and flowers. Just out front there is a dog-friendly patio. As you know, I’m always looking to take Hudson with me everywhere I go, so this scored huge points with me. The cafe has a vibe that is quaint and neighborly. You can quickly become super close with your server because they treat you like family. The chef and owner of the cafe lives directly next door and while I may have only met him for 2 minutes, you can tell he has a love for not only his business but the neighborhood.

During my first visit, the cafe was participating in this contest for best watermelon flavored drink. Their entry was a watermelon mimosa (pictured above) and it was damn delicious. Very light and refreshing. Perfect for a summer brunch. $1 for every mimosa sold was donated to the Safety Harbor Public Library. It sure made my heart soar that each mimosa I drank was helping the local library.

For breakfast I ordered the Bourbon Benedict and my cousin had the Mixed Breakfast Grill. Hudson was served a nice bowl of cold water and plenty of shade from the patio umbrella. We scarfed our food down so fast, we didn’t say two words to each other. We just feasted like Ramsay Bolton’s ravenous dogs just before he bit the dust. Needless to say the food was damn good. We met Chris, the chef/owner, while we were dining and mentioned how much we loved everything. While I imagine he hears this several times a day, his face lit up as if he was hearing it for the first time. It was refreshing to see someone passionate and happy about what they do and bring to the neighborhood. After we ate breakfast we did a little photoshoot of Hudson on the mural. They have the cutest dog sized wings for a puppy photo-op. It’s a must when you visit – I mean look how freakin’ adorable Hudson looks here!

Don’t just take my word for it – check it out and let me know what YOU think. Til then friends hit me on the gram @SteffyMarrs, subscribe to the blog & share it. Be a homie!

Little Gem in Downtown Safety Harbor

Coffee, the nectar of the gods, as they say. Like most Americans, I love coffee. My morning routine always consists on grabbing a cup of joe on my way to work. Although this little gem is not on my route to Tampa, I love this little “retreat” and being able to unwind with some delicious coffee and relaxed ambiance.

So Many Drinks, So Little Time!

Cafe Vino Tinto, located in Downtown Safety Harbor, is my “Treat Yourself” cafe. That’s not to say that it’s expensive in any way, it’s sadly just on my route to work to become everyday coffee shop. *sigh*

The cafe is nestled right on Main Street and offers expansive seating indoors & outdoors. They offer a variety of coffees from your brew to lattes with your choice of their standard or unique flavors. They also offer a variety of biscottis, frittatas and waffles that are all fully loaded!

Waffles, Frittatas & Biscottis…Oh My!

My fiancé, David, and I decided to go enjoy the weather and take our dog, Hudson, with us. One of the things that I love the most about living in the Tampa area is that it’s extremely dog-friendly! Cafe Vino even puts out water bowls for your little pups. We sat outside which was shaded and Hudson plopped himself under the table for maximum shade and comfort. The decor of the cafe reminds me of New Orleans and has a very authentic feel to it. You can tell these people are passionate about coffee.

“You can tell these people are passionate about coffee.”

David ordered a small Americano and I ordered a large iced coffee with their seasonalLavender Vanilla syrup. It was delicious! The flavors worked well together; it tasted smooth and calming. The usual downside to ordering iced coffee in the Florida heat is it becoming watered down, but the people at Cafe Vino thought of that and serve theirs with iced coffee cubes! SAY WHAT?! Now I can truly take my sweet ass time with every sip. Did I mention they also offer a variety of non-dairy milk alternatives? I have a new love for cashew milk….yum!

Along with our coffees we decided to try their biscottis, which were delicious! We had the Butter Pecan & Mexican Mocha flavors; they truly did not disappoint. It tasted the way a biscotti should taste…nice crunch, loads of flavor and perfect with any coffee.

The variety, ambiance, flavors and price point literally make this the perfect spot for a Saturday morning with your friends, family or significant other.

Have you been to Cafe Vino Tinto yet? If so, what’s your go-to order? Be sure to let me know in the comments below! Stayed tune to see where I head next and follow me on Instagram @LifeWithMarrs.

Until next time friends!