Hudson’s Favorite Hangouts: Part 4

A Pupper Series – Next Stop: John Chestnut Senior Park
Sunset overlooking the lake

Who’s a sucker for a sunset..especially overlooking the water? Me! Me! Me! It’s so peaceful, serene and makes me appreciate how beautiful this earth is. It’s one of the things in life that always fills my heart with bliss. What I love about John Chestnut Senior park is its accessibility and vastness. The park is huge featuring 2 dog parks, playgrounds, trails, picnic areas and wildlife. Deer can be seen on almost every visit. Hudson and I love coming here. We often go to the dog park which offers plenty of space for him to play and run with others dogs while also offering me and other owners plenty of shade from the brutal sun. I love the trails you can find throughout the park. They lead deep into the trees and soon it feels like you’re somewhere far from Tampa on an adventure. The downside is there are so many bugs in the summer so be sure to load up on bug spray! I’ve definitely forgotten this one too many times and the results are never pretty. When the “colder” temperatures come, we’ll definitely be visiting more and taking advantage of being able to run without dying of heat exhaustion.

One thing Hudsons loves to do is be chased and the dog park here is the best place for it. Like I mentioned earlier the dog park is enormous. If there are no dogs for Hudson to play with, I’ll chase him around the park. First it’s great exercise for both of us and second this place is always clean. I don’t really have to worry too much about stepping in little surprises while I’m there – which let’s be honest is a big relief. The last thing any one wants is to have to hose crap off their shoes.

Along the park are picnic areas; perfect for families or parties. They 100% remind me of the birthday parties we used to throw when I was just a kid. All you needed was family, food, booze and a boom box. Ahh to go back to those days. Anyway back to 2019, I highly recommend checking this spot out. It’s wonderful year round given all the shade provided by the gorgeous trees. It’s another perfect place to just escape the chaos and madness of the world and just reset. Whether you’re looking to take your pup on a play date, go for a run along the trails or throw a party…this can easily become a go-to spot.

The park is located at 2200 East Lake Road, Palm Harbor and is open until sundown.
More information on the park can be found here!

Thank you for reading. Catch you on Wednesday!


Hudson, David and I rate John Chestnut Senior Park 5 out of 5 Dog Bones

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