Hudson’s Favorite Hangouts: Part 3

A Pupper Series – Next Stop: Honeymoon Island Dog Beach

One of the best benefits of living in Tampa is the endless options of beaches. Seriously, the is no shortage of beautiful beaches in the area. Now dog-friendly beaches is another story. There are a few, but our favorite is definitely Honeymoon Island Beach.

Honeymoon Island is located in Dunedin and is a local fave. Here you will find calm waters and soft white sand. The Gulf never ceases to amaze me with its stunning turquoise waters. There’s an entire side of the beach just for dogs – it’s freakin’ HUGE. Dogs have to stay on their leashes since the water is open, but it’s completely manageable. Hudson has gone several times and with each visit he becomes more accustomed to beach life. One day I’ll be able to get him to fetch a ball out of the water….one day!

The dog side of the beach usually has plenty of space to hang with your pups and set up shop. I love that it never gets too crowded where you feel like you’re on top of the group near you. Everyone we’ve met has always been really friendly and their dogs are always having a blast in the water or sand. Hudson is more of a sun bather. He’ll get in the water to cool off but he’s not the biggest fan of the water rushing on shore. However, he is a phenomenal model. When the sun is setting, it makes for stunning shots. Evidence to the left.

On the other side of the beach, you’ll find two entire sections just for humans. Be careful though – there are rocks in certain areas. Water shoes aren’t a bad idea here. Other than that, the beach is paradise. Nothing but chill, relaxed vibes. It’s perfect for reading a book, soaking up rays or just getting away from it all. This place has become my escape. Parking at only $2-$8 per car depending on how many passengers, it’s a cheap date with or without your furball.

The final two stops of the series are coming soon! Be sure to subscribe here so you never miss a post and follow ya homie on IG @SteffyMarrs. Til next time peeps!

Hudson, David & I rate Honeymoon Island Dog Beach 4.5 out of 5 dog bones

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