Hudson’s Favorite Hangouts: Part 2

A Pupper Series ā€“ Next Stop: Enterprise Dog Park

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the next installment of the pupper series. This week we’re unveiling Hudson’s favorite dog park, Enterprise, located in Clearwater. Part trail/part dog park, the dogs that come here enjoy a vast amount of space, with tons of nooks and crannies to explore.

The park starts off with a wide open space with a decent size tree to keep the humans cool. There you will usually find several dogs running around, playing and living their best damn lives. If you go off to the left a bit, you will find a section for smaller dogs; also perfect for dogs who get a little skid-dish and need some time to come out of their shells.

We always go past the open plot of land and walk straight over the bridge. Here begins the trail part of the park. There is so much greenery and trees, it’s perfect for an early morning stroll with your fur-ball. I love to grab a coffee from Cafe Vino Tinto (you can read about them here) and take Hudson for a long morning walk. We enjoy the sun, scenery and calmness of it all before the humidity kicks in and it’s hotter than all hell. It’s a nice little escape for both dog and human.

While I’m strolling enjoying the sun probably thinking about a million things, because my mind legit never shuts up, Hudson loves to get lost in the bushes and running off into the wilderness. He’s an adventurous one – as long as he can still see myself or David – otherwise he’s a wuss.

Along the way you’ll find plenty of water bowls with easy to use faucets. All you need to do is press the metal lever that’s protruding out of the faucet and voila there is free flowing cold, filtered water for your doggo. The bowls drain automatically meaning you don’t need to worry about nasty old water being left in the bowls. The last thing anyone needs is a curious pup drinking something suspicious and getting sick.

Overall Hudson always has a great time when we take him to Enterprise Dog Park. The park is convenient, clean, huge and every dog and owner we’ve encountered has been extremely friendly. If you’re looking for a new local dog park that’s more than just vast gated lot, be sure to check this spot out! Enterprise is located at 2671 Enterprise Rd E, Clearwater, FL 33759.

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Hudson, David & I give Enterprise Dog Park 5 out of 5 dog bones

16 thoughts on “Hudson’s Favorite Hangouts: Part 2

  1. A great place to bring your fur baby on even a hot day. Not every dog park/park has a hydration place for dogs. What a good find!!


  2. Hudson looks like he had tons of fun! I’m glad that places like this exist. I walk my dog mostly on parks here in our country. They’re not as spacious as Enterprise but imagine having access to that place. Which I think would be great!


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