Cut Out Stress at Raider Axe Lodge

How do you manage stress? This has always been one of my favorite questions because there are so many ways to relieve daily stressors. For me, I love releasing my inner rage with some form of physical activity. My usual go-to is kickboxing, but I wanted to try something a little more intense. Lucky for me, I found Raider Axe Lodge.

My fiancé and I have been there a few times already and we have a freakin blast every single time.


After you book your time slot online, you arrive at this cool looking warehouse with several targets lined along the wall and axes everywhere. We were greeted by Fred, the instructor/owner. He’s so chill and welcoming. The lodge provides free bottled water which is always a great perk. You can also bring your own grub which is perfect for those budget date nights. Once everyone arrives, you sign your waiver and grab a name tag – this will come back later on. Fred does a quick safety demo and shows you how to throw and retrieve your axe. He made it look effortless, but was patient with each person in the group.

At first, I SUCKED! It took at least 15 fails before I actually made it on to the board. But once it clicks and you figure it out, it becomes addicting! Personally I felt like a badass warrior training for the zombie apocalypse. David (that fiancé I mentioned earlier) is a freakin natural, of course. *cue heavy eye roll*LOL! By the end of the night he was crowned Axe Murderer of the Night! *so proud*

15 Tries Later

After you get the hang of it, the real games begin. You play a few rounds of 21, which you start with 21 points and you hit various target thresholds until one of the teams reaches zero. Now we’re bringing the heat! Last game is called Axe Murderer. This is where those name tags come into play, you know besides for helping everyone remember names. Fred takes everyone’s name tag and places them on the opposing team’s board. Object of the game, get the other teams off the board before they get you. Your precision, accuracy and speed is what really matters here. I didn’t last, but David killed it!

FYI the games go on for about 1.5 hours and the total session is about 2-hours.

It’s a huge bang for your buck – especially if you get the Groupon. The entire session goes by so quick. Fred really knows how to keep the crowd engaged and interested. He not only teaches you how to throw overhanded but he shows you an underhanded throw and double axe throw. Not to mention, you also get to play with knives and this javelin looking thing that he swears is not a spear.

Zombie Apocalypse Unit 2019

Needless to say, your arms are pretty done by the end. Overall I would highly recommend trying axe throwing. It’s crazy fun, you relieve stress, release your inner warrior; plus it’s reasonably priced so you can go back and show off your new skills to all your friends! David & I will be going back soon that’s for sure.

What are some of your favorite places to chill at in Tampa? Let me know what place you want me to check out next!

Little Gem in Downtown Safety Harbor

Coffee, the nectar of the gods, as they say. Like most Americans, I love coffee. My morning routine always consists on grabbing a cup of joe on my way to work. Although this little gem is not on my route to Tampa, I love this little “retreat” and being able to unwind with some delicious coffee and relaxed ambiance.

So Many Drinks, So Little Time!

Cafe Vino Tinto, located in Downtown Safety Harbor, is my “Treat Yourself” cafe. That’s not to say that it’s expensive in any way, it’s sadly just on my route to work to become everyday coffee shop. *sigh*

The cafe is nestled right on Main Street and offers expansive seating indoors & outdoors. They offer a variety of coffees from your brew to lattes with your choice of their standard or unique flavors. They also offer a variety of biscottis, frittatas and waffles that are all fully loaded!

Waffles, Frittatas & Biscottis…Oh My!

My fiancé, David, and I decided to go enjoy the weather and take our dog, Hudson, with us. One of the things that I love the most about living in the Tampa area is that it’s extremely dog-friendly! Cafe Vino even puts out water bowls for your little pups. We sat outside which was shaded and Hudson plopped himself under the table for maximum shade and comfort. The decor of the cafe reminds me of New Orleans and has a very authentic feel to it. You can tell these people are passionate about coffee.

“You can tell these people are passionate about coffee.”

David ordered a small Americano and I ordered a large iced coffee with their seasonalLavender Vanilla syrup. It was delicious! The flavors worked well together; it tasted smooth and calming. The usual downside to ordering iced coffee in the Florida heat is it becoming watered down, but the people at Cafe Vino thought of that and serve theirs with iced coffee cubes! SAY WHAT?! Now I can truly take my sweet ass time with every sip. Did I mention they also offer a variety of non-dairy milk alternatives? I have a new love for cashew milk….yum!

Along with our coffees we decided to try their biscottis, which were delicious! We had the Butter Pecan & Mexican Mocha flavors; they truly did not disappoint. It tasted the way a biscotti should taste…nice crunch, loads of flavor and perfect with any coffee.

The variety, ambiance, flavors and price point literally make this the perfect spot for a Saturday morning with your friends, family or significant other.

Have you been to Cafe Vino Tinto yet? If so, what’s your go-to order? Be sure to let me know in the comments below! Stayed tune to see where I head next and follow me on Instagram @LifeWithMarrs.

Until next time friends!

The Journey Begins…

Relocating from Long Island to Tampa

Two years ago, my soon-to-be husband and I decided to start anew and move from New York to Tampa. It was a huge decision and step for us as individuals and as a couple. While living in Long Island, we were spoiled with plenty of fantastic eateries and bars. Weekly date nights were always spent trying a new restaurant. Once we settled into Tampa we sought out new spots and unfortunately in the beginning delicious food was hard to come by. Of course once we got to know the area we found the city has plenty to offer when it comes to quirky joints with delicious eats, we were just looking in the wrong areas. Now being better versed and having tried a few spots, I thought what better time to start this blog. Here I plan on showing you all the food this beautiful city has to offer, whether this is your long time home, vacation spot or soon-to-be home; I got you covered!

“…we found the city has plenty to offer when it comes to quirky joints with delicious eats, we were just looking in the wrong areas.”

What makes me qualified? Well, other than my love for food….seriously, I’m always down to eat! I’ve gone to trade school in my past life and earned a certificate in Baking & Pastry Arts. Not to mention, I’ve been cooking all my life and while I may not be a Michelin Star Chef, I can definitely throw down in the kitchen. Plus I am a self-proclaimed foodie. Be sure to stick around and check out my adventures. You can also follow me on Instagram @LifeWithMarrs

Drop a comment below on some of your favorite eats in the area!