Hey Guys, I’m Marrs!

Welcome to my blog.

Originally from New York, I moved down to Tampa about two years ago to experience living in a different state. Going from the City that Never Sleeps to the Lightning Capital of the World was an adjustment to say the least.

One of the things I loved about living in New York was being able to find good food & fun experiences. Whether you’re balling out or sticking with a budget, there’s something for every taste in NYC. Having worked in the Hotel/Restaurant industry, I developed a palette and love for food.

Now that I’m in Tampa, I’ve realized this city has just as much beauty, variety and fun to offer. There’s much more to this town than the breathtaking beaches.

There truly is so much left to be discovered in Tampa. It is quickly becoming a melting pot of its own. People from all over the USA have decided to leave their hometowns in an attempt to call Tampa home. One of the few cities that offers vast amounts of diversity with gorgeous weather year round. It becomes easy to see why so many have chosen to start a new chapter here.

Now here’s what you expect to find on Life with Marrs:
1. Dog-Friendly Content featuring Hudson
Everyone meet Hudson. To be honest, I’m obsessed with him. I mean..look at that face! If there’s a place in Tampa that allows dogs, I’m going to know about it.
2. Fashionespecially for petite women 5’3″ and under
I love getting dressed up or finding new ways to express myself through fashion. Being an extremely petite woman that lives in a humid city presents an exciting challenge.
3. FoodSelf Proclaimed Foodie
I love food! Tampa has A LOT to offer in this category. Ranging from all types of cuisines. Huge benefit of living in this city and the options continue to expand.
4. Things to DoI want to do it all!
Tampa scores high in this category again. I love to discover new and exciting things whether it’s checking out a poetry slam or going to a food festival; I’m in there. I promise you there’s more to Florida than the beaches.
5.Fitness not a guru by any means
I’m not a die hard gym fanatic, but I do enjoy staying active.
I believe it is important for physical & mental health. I enjoy setting and achieving different goals and trying new types of fitness.

Come & join me on this journey because I’m just getting started!